Medicare and Medicaid Help

In Arizona, more than 600,000 seniors are facing a health care crisis. ACCESSMed provides Medicare and Medicaid help.

senior health care crisis

The Senior
Health Care Crisis

In Arizona, as well as nationwide, low income seniors find that accessing affordable, quality health care is difficult . . . and all too often impossible.

Responding to this Senior Health Care Crisis, ACCESSMed Foundation provides Medicare and Medicaid help for seniors.

Medicare and Medicaid Help

Medicare And Medicaid
Help For Seniors

ACCESSMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit service that helps Arizona’s vulnerable seniors access all of the Medicare and Medicaid benefits they are entitled to, and deserve.

Our health insurance specialists provide Medicare and Medicaid counseling and enrollment support.

Medicare Advantage

The Medicare
Advantage Option

Despite having to squeeze every penny, many Arizona seniors have just a little too much income to qualify for Medicaid. For them, Medicare Advantage can be a good option.

ACCESSMed helps seniors understand, and enroll in their best Medicare Advantage health insurance options.

Can ACCESSMed Help?

ACCESSMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service. We help Arizona’s vulnerable seniors access the low cost and no cost health insurance benefits that they are entitled to, and deserve.

Our volunteer counselors are professional, compassionate, licensed, certified and highly experienced health insurance brokers.

Can we help you determine if you are eligible for low cost and possibly no cost healthcare benefits?

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