Medicare and Medicaid Help

Nonprofit ACCESSMed foundation helps Arizona seniors take advantage of their Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Medicare and Medicaid

The Arizona
Medicare Challenge

More than 500,000 Arizona seniors are challenged by limited income, chronic health conditions, increasing medical expense and inadequate health insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and
Medicaid Options

Arizona seniors who are living on a limited income may be eligible for a variety of low cost and possibly no cost Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage options.

Medicare and Medicaid

Get Medicare
And Medicaid Help

Nonprofit ACCESSMed provides Medicare and Medicaid counseling and enrollment support. To get help, click on this Get Help button or the GET HELP link at the bottom of this page.

Get Medicare And Medicaid
Help For Chronic Conditions

ACCESSMed Foundation helps Arizona seniors enroll in Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid insurance for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Congestive Heart Failure. Click on each of these links to find out more.

Meet Our Volunteer Counselors

ACCESSMed Foundation is extremely grateful for the support of our volunteer counselors.

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ACCESSMed and our village of partners are working to assure that income challenged Arizona seniors have access to the medical, food, housing and other services that they are entitled to and deserve. Individually, each of our partners knows a few dozen, a few hundred, or perhaps a few thousand seniors who need help. But, collectively, our village of partners know and work with hundreds of thousands. Collectively we can provide them with life-saving and life-changing help.

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If you are able, please donate to help us provide Medicare and Medicaid Help for vulnerable Arizona seniors. Your deeply appreciated donation will also provide you with an Arizona Tax Credit!

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