AHCCCS Medicaid Help For Seniors

ACCESSMed Foundation is a nonprofit community service that helps income challenged Arizona seniors access the Medicare, AHCCCS Medicaid and Medicare Advantage benefits they are entitled to, and deserve.

Need Medicaid Help?

Are you being impacted by Arizona’s senior health care crisis? If the answer is yes . . . you are not alone.

In Arizona, more than 500,000 seniors are challenged by chronic health conditions, limited income and inadequate access to affordable, quality health care.

If you are impacted by Arizona’s senior health care crisis, ACCESSMed can help.

Get Medicaid Help

Get Help With AHCCCS

In the state of Arizona, Medicaid is managed by AHCCCS, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

ACCESSMed works with AHCCCS, as a community partner, helping seniors who are living on a limited income take advantage of their Medicaid and related benefits.

ACCESSMed provides Arizona seniors with AHCCCS Medicaid help.

Medicaid Alternatives

AHCCCS Alternatives

While the majority of Arizona seniors are living on a limited income, many have just a little bit too much income to qualify for AHCCCS.

If you are living on a limited income, but cannot qualify for AHCCCS, Medicare Advantage may be an affordable alternative for accessing the care you need and deserve.

ACCESSMed can help you take advantage of AHCCCS alternatives.

Can We Help?

If you need help, or are a caregiver for someone who needs help, click on the GET AHCCCS MEDICAID HELP link at the bottom of this page.

Learn More About AHCCCS Medicaid

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona’s Medicaid agency that offers health care programs to serve Arizona residents. Individuals must meet certain income and other requirements to obtain services.

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Meet Our Volunteers

ACCESSMed Foundation is extremely grateful for the support of our volunteer health insurance professionals. These compassionate ladies and gentlemen donate their time, travel and personal expense to help Arizona’s vulnerable seniors access affordable, quality healthcare.

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Support Our Partners

Our nonprofit and for-profit partners provide resources that make our ACCESSMed work possible. Please support our partners.

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Help Us Help!

If you are able, please donate to support our ACCESSMed work. Your donation of any amount will help us provide Arizona’s health and income challenged seniors with the Medicaid help that so many need. And your donation will provide you with an Arizona Tax Credit!

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