Medicare and Medicaid Help

ACCESSMed helps Arizona seniors, living on limited incomes, enroll in the Medicare and Medicaid benefits they are entitled to . . . and deserve.
senior health care crisis

Arizona’s Senior
Health Care Crisis

In Arizona, as well as nationwide, seniors living on limited incomes find that accessing affordable, quality health care is difficult . . . or all too often, impossible.

ACCESSMed helps seniors navigate the Senior Health Care Crisis by providing Medicare and Medicaid enrollment support.

Medicare and Medicaid Help

Get Medicare And
Medicaid Help

ACCESSMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit service that helps Arizona’s low income seniors access all of the Medicare and Medicaid benefits they are entitled to, and deserve.

Our senior health insurance specialists provide Medicare and Medicaid counseling and enrollment support.

Medicare Advantage

It Takes A

It takes a village of partners to connect Arizona’s more than 500,000 medically and financially challenged seniors with access to affordable, quality health care.

If your nonprofit, government or for-profit business serves vulnerable seniors, please consider joining our village of partners.

Can ACCESSMed Help You?

ACCESSMed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service. We help seniors access the low cost and no cost health insurance
benefits that they are entitled to, and deserve.

Can we help you take full advantage of your Medicare and Medicaid benefits? If so, please contact us.

Can You Help Vulnerable Seniors?

If your nonprofit, government or for-profit organization is dedicated to making life better for Arizona’s
seniors, you can help ACCESSMed.

It takes a village to connect Arizona’s medically, emotionally and financially vulnerable seniors with
quality health care. Partner with us in the ACCESSMed Village.

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