The Problem We Solve

Access to affordable healthcare is a crisis for low-income senior citizens, both in Arizona and nationwide. AccessMed Foundation is on a mission to solve the problem.

Nationally, the Baby Boomer generation peaked at 78.8 million individuals and 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day. For this exploding senior population, the convergence of low income, deteriorating health and limited access to affordable healthcare has reached crisis proportions.

In Arizona, 2017 Census projections estimated that:

  • 2 million seniors have a median per-capita income of $2,330 per-month
  • 179,000 seniors had an income at or below the federal poverty level of $1,012 per month.

Fortunately, almost every income-challenged senior is entitled to affordable healthcare, often at little and possibly no cost. But, unfortunately, most seniors find taking advantage of their Medicare and Medicaid entitlements a daunting task.

Our Vision

We envision an Arizona in which every senior citizen receives the healthcare they are entitled to . . . and deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education, personal counseling and application assistance that enables Arizona seniors to obtain low-cost and if possible no-cost health insurance coverage.

Our Business Model

To accomplish our mission, we build collaborations with a wide variety of government and community partners that serve life and income-challenged seniors.

We work with AHCCCS , the state Medicaid agency, as a hands-on community partner to assess and enroll Medicaid participants.

We work with volunteers, professional health insurance brokers, to provide completely non-commercial educational workshops and healthcare benefits counseling. And, we work with like-minded healthcare services providers and grant providing foundations to provide low-income seniors with affordable healthcare.

Our Programs

In pursuit of our Mission, we have implemented and will continue to develop and expand our outreach programs:

1. Online Advocacy and Education

We are continuously evolving the MPS website and social media to provide Arizona seniors with comprehensive, easy to understand, information about their Medicare and Medicaid options.

2. Medicare Workshops and Counseling

Our MPS staff and highly experienced volunteer professional health insurance agents present Medicare educational workshops and provide personal counseling. We work with the City of Phoenix, as a Screened Presenter, offering events at 15 senior day centers

3. Medicaid Assessments and Registration

We help the most financially challenged Arizona seniors apply for and maintain registration for Medicaid as a community partner with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).