Arizona Seniors

Contact ACCESSMed for Medicare, AHCCCS Medicaid and Medicare Supplement counseling and enrollment support.

Caregivers And Social Workers

Contact ACCESSMed to make Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid enrollment a simple and rapid process.

Nonprofits And For-Profits
That Serve Vulnerable Seniors

Join ACCESSMed to partner in referrals. We will support your beneficiaries, clients and neighbors with Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid counseling and enrollment. In exchange, we will ask you to help our clients and caregivers with other life changing and life saving services.

Health Care Providers

Contact ACCESSMed to help your patients enroll (and stay enrolled) in your insurance payer’s programs.

ACCESSMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) community service. There is never a fee for any of our services.