Many seniors are entitled to low cost and possibly no cost health care benefits. The fact is, they paid for those benefits, through social security taxes, during all of their working years.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid benefits can be a confusing and daunting process.

Fortunately, nonprofit ACCESSMed Foundation can help.

The ACCESSMed Foundation is a nonprofit, Arizona, community service that helps low income seniors take full advantage of the Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid and Medicare Advantage benefits that they are entitled to, and deserve. Our volunteer counselors are licensed, certified and highly knowledgeable health insurance professionals who specialize in Medicare, Medicaid and related coverage. And, because we are a community nonprofit, there is never a fee for any of our services.

Find out if you are eligible for low-cost, or possibly no-cost Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid health insurance benefits. Complete and SEND this form:



Thank you for contacting ACCESSMed. We will reach out to you shortly to provide Medicare and AHCCCS Medicaid help.

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