How ACCESSMed Helps

Nonprofit ACCESSMed Foundation connects Arizona’s income-challenged seniors with the low-cost and possibly no-cost healthcare benefits they are entitled to…and deserve. The services that we provide include workshops, personal counseling, assessments and enrollments.

Our services are always completely free.


Our workshops are presented by ACCESSMed staff and volunteers. Every volunteer is a highly knowledgeable, certified and licensed healthcare insurance professional who shares their expertise and time on a completely non-commercial basis.

Personal Counseling

Our volunteers also provide low-income seniors with personal healthcare benefits counseling. An ACCESSMed volunteer will help you:

  • Understand the healthcare benefits that you are entitled to
  • Select the best healthcare insurance options for your unique situation
  • Help you apply for programs that will save you money

Provide Partnering

ACCESSMed partners with healthcare providers that serve vulnerable seniors regardless of ability to pay. We help our provider partners increase and accelerate Medicaid and Medicare Advantage income.

Assessment and Enrollment

ACCESSMed is a community partner with the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). ACCESSMed assesses and enrolls Arizona seniors in the AHCCCS program.

On A Mission

At ACCESSMed, our mission centers on helping Arizona seniors take advantage of the low-cost and possibly no-cost Medicare benefits they are entitled to and deserve. We are also on a mission to help their healthcare providers get fairly and promptly paid.

Learn more about your Medicare and Medicaid options.

To request counseling and Medicaid or SNAP (food stamp) assessment and enrollment, please contact us at (602) 375-2412 or email

To discuss a provider partnership, please contact our Executive Director at (602) 375-2412 or email