1. Assessment

  • A potential Medicare benefits recipient speaks with an AccessMed Benefits Coordinator.
  • The Benefits Coordinator asks a few preliminary questions and assesses what programs the beneficiary will be best advised to apply for.

2. Application

  • The Benefits Coordinator accesses the HEA-Plus database (made possible by the AccessMed partnership with AHCCCS) and initiates an application.

3. Request for Additional Information

  • After the Benefits Coordinator submits the application there is a 2-week window during which additional information is gathered (copies of driver licenses, birth certificates, etc.). During this time, the Benefits Coordinator also obtains signatures required for the application and the assistor consent form.

4. Additional Information Review

  • After submitting the required documents and signatures, AHCCCS reviews the application.

5. Decision and Referral

When the AHCCCS review is completed, AHCCCS uploads their enrollment decision to the applicants AHCCCS profile and sends a decision letter to the applicant. Monitoring the applicant’s AHCCCS profile, the Benefits Coordinator responds to the decision:

  • If the applicant is approved, the Benefits Coordinator schedules periodic follow-ups to assist in complying with renewal deadlines.
  • If the applicant is denied, the Benefits Coordinator considers other options which include referring the applicant to a volunteer healthcare insurance specialist to discuss other low-cost options.

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