Medicaid Enrollment

The free Medicaid Assessment and Enrollment services we provide include:

  • Counseling and enrollment assistance provided by compassionate volunteers who are licensed, certified and knowledgeable broker specialists in dual and non-dual Medicaid and Medicare Advantage coverage.
  • Counseling and enrollment support in private and group homes, senior centers, shelters, hospitals and clinics. Our counselors visit their clients. They never require clients to travel to our office.

Medicaid Enrollment

When an income-challenged senior contacts ACCESSMed, or is referred by a healthcare provider or guardian, an ACCESSMed volunteer Medicaid/Medicare Advantage specialist will contact the individual and offer assistance. If we can help, the volunteer will initiate what is generally a five-step process:

1. Assessment

  • Visiting with their new client, our volunteer will determine which programs he or she will possibly qualify for.

2. Application

  • After the client decides to submit one or more applications, the volunteer will help them determine their best application process. Options generally include a paper application, direct online submission or working with an ACCESSMed Community Assistor to apply via the AHCCCS HEA-Plus data system.
  • Taking the approach that the client selects, the volunteer will help them complete and submit their application (or applications).

3. Request for Additional Information

  • In the case of a Medicaid or SNAP (food stamp) application, there is a 2-week period during which additional information may be requested (copies of driver licenses, birth certificates, etc.). During that time, the volunteer will advise the client as they submit the additional information.

4. Additional Information Review

  • In the case of a Medicaid application, AHCCCS will review the additional information submitted.

5. Decision and Referral

When the AHCCCS review is completed, AHCCCS will send a decision letter to the applicant.

  • If the application is approved, the volunteer will follow-up to make sure that the client is enrolled in the best options.
  • If the applicant is denied, the volunteer will help the client evaluate other options.

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