We Help Patients Access
Affordable Healthcare

ACCESSMed Foundation helps vulnerable elderly patients understand and enroll in their best Medicaid and Medicare Advantage options. Our volunteers are highly experienced, licensed and certified health insurance specialists. They visit patients at home, in institutions, in long-term care facilities . . . wherever they are. And during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, they are rigorously following Safe Enrollment best practices.

We Help Physicians Increase
Medicaid Revenue

As our counselors work with beneficiaries to increase access affordable healthcare . . . they concurrently work with physicians to optimize their payer networks and to increase Medicaid and Medicare Advantage revenue. We help our provider partners continuously enroll and re-enroll their vulnerable patients to make sure their access to quality health care is always available..

ACCESSMed helps Medicaid participating physicians Connect The Dots to increase:

1. Medicaid patient enrollments, and

2. Medicaid revenue.

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Connecting The Medicaid Dots

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Connecting The Dots.