Mike’s Story

Mike Lipjanic

Mike Lipjanic is a Benefits Advisor with ACCESSMed’s partner, Senior Lifestyle Solutions. As an ACCESSMed volunteer, he provides Medicare, AHCCCS Medicaid and Medicare supplement counseling and enrollment support for vulnerable Arizona seniors.

Mike recently shared this story about Maria, ACCESSMed’s Program Coordinator, Maria’s son Jerry and a recent ACCESSMed client by the name of Bill.

I need to recognize Maria, the ACCESSMed Program Coordinator, and her 14 year-old son Jerry.

Recently, Maria referred  a 90 year-old gentleman to me. His name is Bill. He lives alone, has no family here and is also a Veteran. In addition to needing extensive health care and having very little income, Bill also has only one partially functioning eye. He needed help.

I was able to help Bill by enrolling him in a better dual Medicare and Medicaid plan.

During my first meeting with Bill, he showed me a letter from Social Security notifying him that he was losing his $180 SSI check because his checking account balance went over the $2,000 limit allowed by SSI when he received a $600.00 direct deposit stimulus check.

Bill had no idea how he was going to eat.

This case really pulled at my heart strings. I called Maria at ACCESSMed and asked her if she could help Bill register for food stamps. She did her magic and got him signed up.

Yesterday, I met with Bill, once again, to explain how his dual Medicare and Medicaid policy was going to work. While I was there, Maria and her 14 year-old son Jerry showed up. They had been saddened by learning of Bill’s situation, and were showing up with cases of water, food, snacks, wipes, socks, and other items that he needed.

Both Bill and I were overwhelmed and tearing up.

Never have I been more proud of working with a nonprofit (ACCESSMed) and a for-profit partner (Senior Lifestyle Solutions) that believe in empowering employees and agents to bring compassion, dignity and hope to vulnerable seniors.

Maria and Jerry went way above and beyond anything that was expected. THANK YOU! I am so happy and proud that we are on this ACCESSMed team!!

Mike Lipjanic

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