ACCESSMed and our village of partners are working to assure that income challenged seniors have access to affordable quality health care. Individually, each of our partners knows a few dozen, a few hundred, or perhaps a few thousand seniors who need help. But, collectively, our village can connect hundreds of thousands with the Medicare, AHCCCS Medicaid and Medicare Advantage benefits they are entitled to . . . and deserve.

Join Us In The Village

If your nonprofit, government agency or for-profit business serves vulnerable seniors, we invite you to join us as a partner. Joining is simple. Just call or write and let us know that your organization wants to help. We will acknowledge your organization on our Community Partner web page and provide you with a very simple process for referring individuals that ACCESSMed may be able to help.

As a partner in the ACCESSMed village, you and your organization will have an opportunity to provide life-challenged seniors with access to affordable, quality health care . . . a priceless gift during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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It Takes A Village Flyer
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