ACCESSMed’s educational and counseling services are provided by a team of highly experienced, licensed and certified, healthcare insurance professionals. The five things that all of our volunteers share in common include:

  1. Knowledge of AHCCCS Dual Special Needs plans and SNAP (food stamps).
  2. A Dual Special Needs Certification
  3. A keen interest in working with community service organizations
  4. A Passion for Helping Low-Income Seniors improve their quality of life
  5. An unwavering commitment to donate their expertise, time and compassion

Our volunteers conduct completely noncommercial educational workshops and individual counseling. And they work with the ACCESSMed staff to provide Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) assessments and enrollments. We deeply appreciate every one of our volunteer’s generous donations.

Tyler Shoff
Timothy Gustafson
Dennis Webster
Annette Buchanan
Gerald Rochon
Blaine Shipe
Marco Bautista